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There are several reasons I chose to keep my son at Winterville for the 4-year program. First, he loved the school so much (and so do I) I wanted him to be able to enjoy it as long as possible. The school provided such personal attention and small class sizes; I wanted him to have these advantages for another school year. I had no doubt that he would be prepared academically for kindergarten.

We chose WFBC Preschool for many reasons. We had a wonderful experience when our first child attended three years earlier. He arrived at kindergarten well-prepared, secure, and with a positive attitude toward learning. WFBC Preschool is a loving, secure, and fun environment where each child is treated special. We like the personal attention of a lower teacher-student ratio. The location is very convenient to our home and the tuition is extremely reasonable. We feel that three days a week is plenty for a 4-year old who has years of full-time school ahead. Perhaps a "practice" day once a month (after January) where the children bring a lunch and stay until 2 PM could give them confidence in a longer day. We also chose WFBC Preschool because Bible stories and Biblical principles are included in everyday activities. Thanks so much for all you do!

—K. Brewer

Our son attended the preschool program and he loved it. It's a loving, learning environment. The program will help him to be ready for kindergarten.

The Lord may have guided us here. It seems the four-year old teachers have so much experience in teaching children. Our two little girls have grown and learned so many things under Ms. Nancy and Ms. Jean. The class size is a definite plus because I feel like our children get more one-on-one time which enhances their learning. I absolutely love the teachers planting seeds of the Lord in my children's heart so one day they may not be separated from Him. The teachers definitely "light up" the room everyday just by their smiles, love, and welcoming spirit.

I cannot say enough good things about the WFBC preschool program. Our very independent-minded son had been somewhat of a challenge for previous preschool teachers. When selecting a new school, it was very important to us as parents that we find an environment where he could have positive interactions with teachers and peers in addition to stimulating learning experiences. Mrs. Nancy and Mrs. Kaye have proven to be very kind, patient, and compassionate teachers who make learning fun while maintaining the structure and firmness that preschoolers need to prepare for Kindergarten. They obviously love teaching children, and always have positive things to say about our son. The program is very well organized, and teachers are in constant communication to let me know the monthly and weekly topics. The kids do a lot of creative/artistic work. Our son comes home singing songs, telling about science experiments, and recounting bible stories. His class enjoys going on frequent field trips, and it's fun that parents are invited to join in! Our son now loves going to school. His positive experiences at WFBC have been a blessing to our entire family.

—Dawnell and David Porcaro

My four year old daughter has enjoyed her time at Winterville First Baptist Preschool so much. Each day she brings home different crafts and projects that she completed that day and can't wait to open her school bag to show us what she has done. Her teachers are very sweet people that she adores. The four year old class takes many educational field trips that are just as much fun for the parents as they are for the children. I have enjoyed watching my daughter learn new things and make new friends this year. I think that the preschool is a great transition towards kindergarten and I am so glad that my daughter has had the opportunity to experience it.

Thanks, Samantha Williams