Widows Ministry

A New Season 

“Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation.” Psalm 68:5 (ESV)

A New Season is a ministry where widows can come together to love and pray for each other, comfort one another when the days are long, and rejoice with each other when the days are good. We can look to ones who have walked through this season longer than some. They can reach out and share their experiences while they wrap loving arms around the ones who are beginning or struggling on this journey. Not only does the ministry team want each of us to minister to one another, but we can also look forward to seeing where God would have us serve in our church.

We have many opportunities planned for this Fall and are excited to tell y’all a little about each one of them. So mark your calendars for these events and be checking back for more details as each event gets closer.

October 22nd: Sunday Lunch
November 18th: Prayer Breakfast 
December 7th: Christmas Dinner (Secret Sisters Revealed)


“Adopt a Widow” - If you would like to be a Secret Sister to a widow beginning in October, please let Pam Bowen or Cathy Cape know now. They will begin paring up the widows and their secret sister in October. You will be given a survey that they filled out with important dates and information about them so you will have lots of information to be able to be a great “Secret Sister”. This will be a yearlong commitment for the Secret Sister to be able to encourage, give small gifts, send cards…just use your imagination…but remember, you are a “secret”! There will be a reveal party next year so your widow will know who has been so nice and encouraging to them throughout the year.

Here is a link you can go to and find some good ideas about things you can do. This link is not Christian based, so don’t forget to send your favorite Bible verses or ones that might send a blessing to your widow during certain times. 

How to be a great secret sister


So, you can see that we are really going to have a fun filled Fall and be supportive of our sweet widows and love on them as much as possible.